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The Following a Smattering of Questions         
That sometimes come up in Discussions with
We encourage you to have a consultation with our Director &
also to perform your own due diligence.

1)     What is the name of the test is that is used to gain access to the school?
 (Why is it called that?)

2)     How many times can students take the test?  Can students take a real ‘practice test’?

3)     Where may a student take the test? 
And what is the difference in environments available for taking the test? 
How does where you take the test affect WHEN will you hear the results of the test?

4)     Is an essay required for the test?

5)     Are accommodations available for taking the test?

6)     What was this test intended to do?

7)     Which counts more for exam school entrace, grades or the test?

8)     How are grades weighted against the test result?
(Is it a comparison of Percentages, scores, or ??)

Here are the basic answers -- for the best information, give us
a call for a free phone consultation with our direction!


1. ISEE (the Independent School Entrance Exam) 
So-called as it is intended for Independent (in other words Private School) entry use. 
2. The test may be taken once every 6 months -
                                               only once in the timeframe to qualify for a given year's entrances
Although the ISEE test is not supposed to be taken in 'practice', it often is, which
means it may be taken several times if students start to prepare more than a year in advance

3.  The test may be taken for free by Boston residents at the Boston-based testing, at various private schools in the area,
and may also be taken under private testing conditions, if scheduled far enough in advance.

4.  Although the Boston Exam Schools do not use the written essay, or give it during the Boston testing,
it is given at the other testing locations, and is used by local
private schools as part of the entrance package.

5. Yes.  Accommodations are available, and
should be planned for well in advance, if appropriate.

6.  This test was intended to be a test for private school admissions. 
Therefore, the curricula within the test are quite stringent.

7.  The test is weighted equally against gradesTherefore, it is imperative
that students whose grades are not at the highest level get
skills based assistance to ensure that all aspects of the
overall score are at the highest level, and so that the student is prepared
if he or she is accepted into the school

8.  According to our sources, the SCORES of the
test are used in calculating placement.







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